Programme and Project management

Legend unifies your work, teams, structure and strategy. This unique model provides a coherent view of your entire business, on demand. See at a glance what you are working on, how it is executing and the value generated.

Customer Stories

Kiwi design

W​e're a New Zealand company taking our vision to the world. We work with high-performing companies looking to modernise, simplify and grow. Our software is easy to tune and use. So easy you'll be getting value from day one.

Great support

Unlike other vendors we invite our customers to help shape the direction of our software. We're here to help you get maximum value from the software and to understand your unique business challenges. Together we craft solutions to benefit all our customers.

Simple pricing

We offer simple all-of-business pricing. You pay a single monthly fee to fit the size and nature of your business. This fee includes usage, hosting and upgrades. There are no restrictions on user numbers or types. You are free to explore and use the tool in the way that works best for you.