Build a consolidated and easily applied benefits framework that allows all manner of benefits, from throughout the business, to be fostered and delivered.

Key Features of Benefit Approach

  • Socialise benefits management by talking to your people about a strategic approach to benefits as a core part of your business, and their work.
  • Build the full range of benefits (financial, non-financial) as key components of projects and programmes.
  • Keep the benefit approach simple, colourful, interesting and in context.
  • Implement a Benefit approach based on strong ownership of benefits by Business Owners.
  • Ensure the Benefit Lifecycle starts at the inception of an initiative, and continues past the completion of the project, into later business change and value realization.
  • Review benefits regularly to ensure you are delivering to the business case, and expectations of business owners.
  • Populate Enterprise Storyboards with Benefit ‘conversation-starters’.
  • Foster widespread ‘benefits conversations’ and Blogs as a way to connect-up your people and stakeholders, and reinforce success.