Strategy & Purpose

Building Strategic Foresight

Strategy screenshots

Align strategy & execution

Simple, connected-up, business-wide framework to bring together strategies, KPI's, and contributing initiatives to support Execution to Strategy.

Key Features of Strategic Approach

  • Socialise your commitment to dynamic strategic thinking by inviting all your people to be involved.
  • Define high-level Organizational Purpose to inspire, and challenge, your people.
  • Set Strategies and KPI's at Organizational and Group levels thereby supporting both ‘centralized’ and ‘localized’ application of strategic thinking and planning.
  • Review KPI's against progress.
  • Provide detailed context information (the story) around strategies.
  • Extend strategic discussions through conversations right across the business (=strategic-thinking-from-the-edge).
  • Connect initiatives (e.g. projects, programmes) to Strategic Drivers.
  • Monitor overall strategic alignment through Storyboards.
  • Present strategic and supporting information to Boards and Executive teams.
  • Review and modify a balance of shorter-term and longer-term strategies and KPI's.