Your World of Ideas

Idea illustration
Ideas from people in all roles, and at all levels of the organization, have the potential to deliver massive value.

Continuous improvement relies on new ideas. The largest areas of new value are largely unseen, and it's those that must be surfaced.

This relies on a management commitment to sponsor new thinking, assess ideas and then take viable ideas through to fruition.

Ideas are the window to the creativity of your people wherever they are in the organization.

Key Features of Ideas & Networking

  • Socialise the concept that ideas are welcomed from anyone in the organisation, and will be respected and given the appropriate levels of air-time.
  • New ideas, often the source of untapped value, can be converted into bottom-line value for any organization.
  • To realise value they must be easily launched by anyone in the business, and then supported by management teams keen to discuss and explore.
  • Taking ideas through the system to fruition must be simple, transparent and fair otherwise your people will stop raising new ideas.
  • Those raising ideas must be acknowledged and praised. In many respects, ideas are a door-opener to trust and mutual respect, while unearthing value.
  • Ideas also underpin flexible networks of people that come together to position ideas, and change behaviours.