Programmes & Portfolios

logical & flexible ways to group work

Programmes and Portfolios screenshots

Pragmatic, transparent aggregation of work

Configurable ways to set-up programmes, sub-programmes and portfolios to group and aggregate information within your organizational structures.

Key Features of Programme & Portfolio Approach

  • Socialise Programmes and Portfolios as logical and useful ways to aggregate information for governance, management and oversight.
  • Define Programmes and Sub-programmes for your business, and add additional information, including Objectives, Benefits, Strategic Contributions, Investment Profile, Statues Review, Stakeholders and Benefits.
  • Collate Activities, Business Services and Projects within the relevant programmes.
  • Define cross-initiative Portfolios for your business, and populate with relevant initiatives.
  • Use programmes and portfolios for reporting to mid-management, Executives and Boards, including the use of Storyboards.
  • Use programmes and portfolios to support teams and groups within the business.