i-lign 8.7 Release Notes

By Rachel | May 16, 2019

Improvements made

  • Improvements to Reviews and Review Configuration (See announcement blog)
  • Ability to change configuration of Risk Matrix Axes (PW-10865)
  • Ability to upload financials to Programmes, Activities & Services via financial import file (PW-10373)
  • Undo function added to financial import (PW-10925)
  • Programmes can be linked to Account Lines (PW-10535)
  • Abilty to duplicate Portfolios & Drivers (PW-10954, PW-10859)
  • Custom fields added to Groups (PW-10723)
  • Ability to add line spaces to text fields for Groups, Programmes, Initiatives (PW-10883)
  • Timesheet Detail by Resource Group by Initiative Report added (PW10881)
  • Planned hours on Timesheets show as a default setting (PW-10684)
  • Timeline view configured by the User is remembered by the system (PW-10302)
  • When tasks are duplicated, the duplicate task pops-up (PW-10956)
  • Strategic Drivers Name character limit increased to 240 characters (PW-10970)
  • Performance of Benefits Overview tab improved (PW-10950)
  • Addition / Update of Help text & tutorials (PW-10638, PW-10900, PW-10967, PW-10915)
  • Timesheet reject notifications/emails include comments (PW-10651)
  • Initiative number can be used in the item picker to find an initiative (PW-10722)
  • People are notified when they’re assigned to an existing task (PW-10643)
  • Improved accuracy of project duration calculation (PW-10398)
  • All of Business Review Pie Graph now includes Activities & Services (PW-10963)

Bugs fixed

  • Service Summary tab was still showing the Performance Measurement (PW-10936)
  • Global settings’s disabled features list was showing items incorrectly (PW-10914, PW-10913)
  • Side tab Access Panel bug (PW-10791)
  • Activity & Service closed date bug (PW-10960)
  • Quick adding/ creating tasks bug (PW-10955, PW-10953))
  • Calendar bug relating to changing work hours (PW-10948)
  • Latest Benefit Assessment still shows in Business Cases (PW-10945)
  • Window layout not alligned for some Project Standard reports (PW-10931)
  • Allocation rates info pop-up bug (PW-10175)
  • Benefits show on the home page passed their close date (PW-10911)
  • ‘Concept’ had not been replaced with ‘Business Case’ for Sub Report in Programme PDF reports (PW-10888)
  • Programme close date validation bug (PW-10644)
  • Task Pool assignee gets 2 notifications including email notifications (PW-10922)
  • Benefit report printing to PDF bug (PW-10947)