Investment Lifecycles, Business Cases & Benefits

Simplify business

  • Build business cases on-line. Collect just enough investment information to support the next major decision-point.
  • Prioritise all your business cases to identify high value potential initiatives.
  • Manage your pipeline of initiatives through the full investment lifecycle and significantly raise your project success rates.
  • Manage your benefits simply thoughout the investment lifecycle. Benefit ownership is key.

Connect your people

  • Give your EPMO people more time to advise and mentor by simplifying and increasing visability of your business cases and initiatives.
  • Allow your investment advisors to provide strategic updates to your senior teams and board easily through simple, visible, up-to-date information.
  • Help your people understand the role they play and the importance of the information they provide (whether they are focused on investment value or initiative delivery).
  • Connect benefit owners with the benefits they are accountable for across the business.

Organisational transparency

  • Give your senior managers and board members immediate access to a range of value focused dashboards.
  • Make it clear who is responsible for the various parts of the investment lifecycle.
  • Understand context and validate information on the all-of-business landscape by drilling down to value views.

Key features

On-line business cases | Investment profiling | Prioritisation and ranking | Benefits tracking | ROI visualisation | Value/investment dashboards | All-of-business landscape | Ideation | Conversations