Navigation changes (Legend 9.6) - Initial Information

By Rachel | June 7, 2022

We’ve been talking about making changes to the top level Horizontal Navigation bar for a while now. Legend 9.6 will see the introduction of these changes. Our aim is to make it easier for people to access Legend content.

At this stage, we plan to release 9.6 in mid July 2022. As always, please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Horizontal Navigation Bar changes

The main changes involve replacing the ‘Jump to’ icon with the following dropdown menus:

  • Home
  • Work
  • People
  • Organisation
  • Admin

When you click on these, a menu allows you to navigate to the relevant location. These dropdown menus also replace the ‘Launch a new item’ icon, as you add new items from here as well.

Below are some screenshots showing these navigation changes in more detail. Note that the version we end up releasing may look different from the images below.

Current Horizontal Navigation Bar
New Horizontal Navigation Bar
New dropdown menus


Click here to manage your work and information from across the application. Along with other things, this menu gives you access to your timesheet.


Click here to manage project based and business as usual work. You use this menu to navigate to initiative lists, such as the project and programme lists.


Click here to navigate to people related information including your own information.


Click here to navigate to Groups and Teams. You can also access organisational views such as the Landscape, Storyboard and Strategy views from here.


Click here to carry out admin functions such as running reports and managing timesheets.

Improvements to layout of forms and pop-up information

We also make some design changes to the headers and footers on our forms and information pop-ups in 9.6. For example we change the position of buttons such as ‘Save,’ ‘Save & New’ and ‘Cancel’. We also use orange to alert people when they are carrying out risky actions such as deleting something. See below for screenshots. Again, please note that the version we end up releasing may look different from the images below.