Legend 9.5.7 Release Notes

By Rachel | May 6, 2022

This will be released on the evening of Sunday 15 May, pending final testing.

Improvements made

  • New Summary view added to the Deliverables tab.
  • ‘At Risk’ Deliverables and Milestones now show as orange on relevant tabs unless they are also ‘Overdue’ in which case they show as red.
  • Added Opex and Capex columns to all-in-one initiative extracts.
  • Project Managers without global security to manage initiatives are now able to escalate risks, provided they have appropriate security at the parent programme level.
  • Enabled a custom field called ‘Finance Comments’ to show on the Summary view of the Finance Tab.
  • Account lines import now accepts empty budget, forecast and actual cells for all classes of initiatives.
  • When deleting an hourly rate on the resource page, a warning now pops-up with information on the consequences of this action.

Bugs fixed

  • Milestone end dates now able to be removed.
  • Removed out of date ‘Outturn’ column from all-in-one initiative extracts.
  • Removed out of date reports.
  • Removed delete function from Programme list as it didn’t work properly (Programmes can be deleted in other ways).
  • Fixed Finance heading on Project Status pdf report.
  • Improved readability of ‘Project Financials - Current Year’ pdf report.
  • Restored ability to delete document links, documents and document folders.
  • Removed incorrect information from baseline reports.