Legend 9.5.6 Release Notes

By Rachel | April 1, 2022

This will be released on the evening of Sunday 10 April, pending final testing.

Improvements made

  • Adds a setting to financial configuration to allow organisations to exclude timesheet and task allocation data from financial information. This is to prevent double counting of data, when financials are imported.
  • Adds ‘At Risk’ property to deliverables.
  • Adds ‘Is Key’ filter to deliverables advanced table.
  • Adds option to show key project deliverables on the summary view of the schedule tab.
  • Removed Project all-in-one csv reports which have been replaced by the Initiative all-in-one reports.
  • Removed decimal places for figures showing on the Financial tab.
  • Improved financial caching.

Bugs fixed

  • When adding someone to an activity or service action item, team members names in the dropdown box no longer double up.
  • Fixes bug with task pool time allocation calculations when individuals have variable time allocations.
  • Key deliverables total on the ‘Key Deliverables’ storyboard brick heading now only includes key deliverables rather than all deliverables.
  • Initiative Account Lines dropdown no longer shows accounts which have been closed prior to the current financial year.
  • Project resource hourly rates can now be edited successfully.