Legend 9.5.5 Release Notes

By Rachel | March 18, 2022

This will be released on the evening of Wednesday 23 March, pending final testing.

Included in this point release are some improvements to Tasks and Task Pools. We’ve made changes to the layout and wording of the forms used to create and edit these. Action Items have been simplified - you can now add someone to an Action Item without allocating them to the Task / Task Pool. We’ve also modified which Tasks / Task Pools show on people’s timesheets. This is to prevent Tasks / Task Pools showing on someone’s timesheet if they are not allocated to them during that particular week. Note that if people have been allocated to a Task / Task Pool at 0% without any additional editing of their dates, then the Task / Task Pool will show on their timesheets for the duration of the Task / Task Pool..

See below for the list of improvements and bug fixes included in our 9.5.5 point release.

Improvements made

  • Layout & wording changes to Tasks & Task Pools create/edit forms.
  • Changes to Task & Task Pool functionality (Action Items and population of Timesheets).
  • Changes to the gantt side panel so that long task/milestone names display fully.
  • New Initiative Extracts introduced which combine Programme, Project, Activity and Service Information.
  • Portfolio membership can now be added from an initiative by using the Functions dropdown (select Manage Portfolio Contributions’). You can also view an initiative’s portfolio membership on the Governace Overview tab (Strategic Contribution view).
  • Amended language on resource graphs hover message.
  • Improvements made to Work Order accounts to prevent selection of non resource expenditure types.

Bugs fixed

  • You can save Lifecycle Stage dates again.
  • Benefit and Strategic Drivers edit review buttons now work consistently.
  • Conversations no longer generate notifications when saved as a draft.
  • ‘Task Pool’ filter on Task tables works more effectively.
  • ‘Variance (to date)’ option on Finance tables now displays when selected.
  • Resource pickers can now select inactive resources.