Legend 9.5.4 Release Notes

By Rachel | January 23, 2022

This will be released on the evening of Sunday 23 January, pending final testing.

Improvements made

  • Advanced tables & csv extraacts added to Tasks, Milestones, Dependencies and Schedule Tables
  • Performance of Idea page improved.

Bugs fixed

  • Issue with batch approvals on Manage Timesheets screen fixed.
  • Editing Concept Benefit no longer throws an error.
  • Benefit edits now visible on all relevant screens.
  • Bug with Leadership Group role fixed.
  • Resource Details screen: Stakeholder Tab now shows when relevant.
  • Lifecycle Stages show correctly when no dates have been added to the stages.
  • Work order details on Finance tab consistently shows correct Opex/Capex information.
  • Updating an Idea no longer throws an error.
  • Option to show User Id and Password as a logon option only shows if the organisation has configured this to show.
  • Tasking Table sort by number fixed.