Legend 9.5 Release Notes

By Rachel | December 6, 2021

This will be released on the evening of Sunday 12 December, pending final testing.

Improvements made

  • Resource supply and demand information introduced at Group, Team, Initiative and Position levels.
  • Improved the functionality of Placeholders. Now have the ability to add Placeholders based on Postions and Vacancies.
  • Added Tasks, Milestones and Dependencies tabs to Portfolios.
  • Made improvements to Risks such as allowing organisations to configure risk status, showing the inherent risk level of individual risks and enabling them to be duplicated to Services and Activities.
  • Added the advanced table function to Deliverables and Issues.
  • Made content on Project, Programme, Activity and Service lists consistent and added ‘Finance Number’ column.
  • Removed redundant standard and extract reports.
  • Introduced notifications to hashtag subscribers when a new item is added to the hashtag.
  • Made small improvements to gantt chart.
  • Made small improvements to icons eg thumbnails for People, Vacancies and Placeholders.
  • Added a new resource import to update structural team membership.
  • Added a ‘Key’ property to Deliverables.
  • Added a ‘Group’ column to Project and Concept prioritisation pages.
  • Added an ‘Initiative’ column to Benefits tables and made the gold, silver, bronze value definitions more visible.
  • Improved the Concept Picker.
  • Improved information displayed on Project role help icon.

Bugs fixed

  • Removed the redundant ‘Add’ button from Portfolio Tasks tab.
  • People assign to a role such as Team Member on an initiative can now view this initiative on their Home Page, without having to have been assigned to an initiative item such as a task or risk.
  • Bug in account lines import fixed.
  • Bug in Services when you try to add the same person twice fixed.
  • Show button on My Work > Bookmarks tab working.
  • Updating a Group Purpose now works consistently.
  • Blogs linked to a Project now appear on the Community tab and the Project link works correctly
  • Fixed issues with reopening a child initiative when the parent initiative is closed.
  • Renamed ‘Contributing Tasks’ on Deliverables table, ‘Contributing Items’
  • If user doesn’t have security to edit a Project Objective, then the edit pencil is now hidden.
  • Information added to the ‘Concept Costs’ field on new Concepts now saves.
  • Bug with duplicating Portfolios containing Concepts fixed.
  • Standard Users viewing a Programme Storyboard can now see items they have permission to view without an error occurring.
  • Finance numbers added to Activities, Services and Programmes can now be removed.
  • Can now edit Benefit and Strategic Driver Reviews when there is no Measure/KPI added.
  • Deleting items on Conversations now works consistently.
  • Initiative picker issues fixed.
  • Objective and Description refresh is now working consistently.
  • On the Business Configuration > Timesheet Export screen, the message relating to document numbers only shows when timesheet number by ‘Document Number’ is selected.