Legend 9.4.13 Release Notes

By Rachel | September 3, 2021

This point release will be released on the evening of Sunday 5 September.

Improvements made

  • ‘New Resource’ import improved (PW-11233, PW-12847)
  • ‘Update Resource Costs’ import improved (PW-12853)
  • The Business Landscape menu is more responsive to content length. (PW-12848)
  • The Business Landscape menu uses radio buttons rather than cursor hover to show selections. (PW-12849)
  • When importing a Project Template, milestones show whether they are key milestones or not. (PW-12845)

Bugs fixed

  • Strategies show in numerical order consistently on the Business Landscape menu. (PW-12868)
  • On the Stucture tab, the icon used to collapse sub groups which have been expanded now shows consistently. (PW-12870)
  • Monthly view of the Schedule now works consistently for projects starting in the future. (PW-12871)
  • Concept financials now update correctly. (PW-12873)
  • The Key Milestones property shows accurately on the Milestone Table on the Home Page (PW-12866)