Legend 9.4.12 Release Notes

By Rachel | August 20, 2021

This point release will be released on the evening of Sunday 22 August. The focus of this release is the addition of key milestones to Schedule Tab views.

Improvements made

  • Adds option to view milestones on Schedule Tab Summary and Timeline views. (PW-12837, PW-12817, PW-12816, PW-12811, PW-12812, PW-12810, PW-12799, PW-12797, PW-12792)
  • Adds a ‘Key Milestone’ property to milestones. (PW-12783)
  • Adds columns to the Timesheet Export (PW-12638)
  • Adds ability to launch a business service from a team. (PW-12673)
  • Adds pop-ups to Programme / Group level Risk Matrix. (PW-12826)
  • Improves Drive Picker to select from group hierarchy. (PW-12726, PW-12709)
  • Improves Initiative Picker to select from group hierarchy. (PW-12511)
  • Changes the default selection on the Programme PDF Options button to ‘Project’. (PW-12794)

Bugs fixed

  • Now able to edit all Initiative Categories in business configuration. (PW-12802)
  • Sorting on Milestone Table now works consistently. (PW-12786)
  • No longer get an error message when editing a resource without a User Id. (PW12829)
  • Landscape view updating more regularly, when budget information is changed. (PW-12828)
  • Now able to save allocation percentage changes in services consistently. (PW-12677)