Legend 9.4.11 Release Notes

By Rachel | July 29, 2021

This point release will be released on the evening of Thursday 29 July.

Improvements made

  • Adds categories to initiatives. (PW-12777)
  • Adds ‘Planned Approver’ to lifecycle stage due notification. (PW-12783)
  • Adds ‘Parent’ column to ‘Project Milestone’, ‘Default Project Milestone’ Reports (PW-12782)
  • Minimum length of Lifecycles is now 1 day rather than 1 week. (PW-12770)
  • Initiative status and current lifecycle stage now show on the Schedule Tab. (PW-12765)
  • Updates Business Landscape look and feel. (PW-12641)

Bug fixed

  • Programme & Project Milestone Subreports can now be sorted and filtered. (PW-12781)
  • Portfolio Storyboard Description can be edited. (PW-12780)
  • Milestone Tables sort by type is now working consistently. (PW-12771)
  • Remove finance function now works consistently. (PW-12764)
  • % complete shows on Schedule Tab and Storyboard Brick consistently. (PW-12314)