Legend 9.4.10 Release Notes

By Rachel | July 23, 2021

This point release, which contains improvements to our pdf reports, will be released on the evening of Sunday 25 July.

Improvements made

  • Add summary header subreport to programme pdf reports. (PW-12758)
  • Add aggregated financials subreport to programme pdf reports (PW-12757)
  • Add simpler dependency subreports to project and programme pdf reports (PW-12743)
  • Make small changes to the columns displayed on the issues, risks and deliverables subreports (PW-12730)
  • Add the date the report is generated to the top right hand corner of project & programme pdf reports (PW-12729)
  • Make improvements to the look & feel of pdf reports (PW-12728)
  • Add deliverables status subreports to project and programme pdf reports (PW-12706)
  • Expand the content of the ‘project header - brief’ subreport (PW-12706)

Bug fixed

  • Resource pop-up now shows correct time worked consistently (PW-12761)