Legend 9.4.9 Release Notes

By Rachel | June 29, 2021

This point release will be released on the evening of Tuesday 29 June.

Improvements made

  • Added global configuration setting to give organisations with single-sign-on the ability to prevent people logging on via User ID and Password. (PW-12592)
  • Made User ID and Password optional on new resource form and imports
  • Improved Activity to Project conversion. (PW-12675)
  • Duration limit on Business Services increased to 6 years. (PW-12667)
  • Improved display of the Dependency PDF sub reports. (PW-12708)

Bugs fixed

  • Notifications are now being generated consistently. (PW-12686)
  • Fixed the display of the Storyboard Financials brick, in situations where no financials exist (PW-12634)
  • Changed Group label for PDF sub reports to make more accurate. (PW-12713)
  • Fixed sort by value in Benefit PDF sub report. (PW-12707)
  • Fixed bug relating to conversion from Activity to Project. (PW-12701, PW-12664, PW-12663)
  • Resource Picker for initiatives now selects all team members consistently. (PW-12650)