Legend 9.4.5 Release Notes

By Rachel | May 28, 2021

This point release will be released on the evening of Sunday 30 May.

Improvements made

  • Reduced the time it takes to create Activities and Services (PW-12578, PW-12577)
  • Made improvements to the loading speed of the Home Page (PW-12571)
  • Made improvements to the loading speed of the Group Storyboard (PW-12589)
  • Added filter to Teams on the Group General Information Tab so that only current Teams show by default (PW-12582)
  • Removed Forecast Outturn as a default setting on the Table View of the Finance Tab (PW-12582)
  • Applied the ‘ignore historic financials before’ field in Business Configuration more consistently (PW-12567)
  • Improved the scalability of the Group Financial Tab (PW-12566)

Bugs fixed

  • Removed the Financial Number heading for Groups and Portfolios, as this is not relevant. (PW-12559)
  • The concept budget now shows on the Concept Tab of Programmes, Portfolios and Groups (PW-12586)
  • The Groups & Teams and Finance Tabs at the Organisational level now load consistently (PW-12583)
  • Prioritisation Scale slider values are displayed accurately on a consistent basis. (PW-12572)
  • ‘Work Containers’ label replaced with ‘Initiatives’ on the Table view of the Finance Tab (PW-12560)