Legend 9.4.2 Release Notes

By Rachel | May 5, 2021

This point release will be released on the evening of Wednesday 5 May.

Improvements made

  • Option to automatically generate initiative numbers extended to programmes, activities, services. (PW-12531,PW-12507, PW-12392)
  • Initiative number prefixes have been simplified. (PW-12496)
  • Finance numbers added to activities, services and programmes. (PW-12494, PW-12391, PW-12517)
  • Initiative numbers and finance numbers must now be unique. (PW-12451, PW-12392, PW-12344)
  • On Finance Summary Tab, when ‘Month’ is selected, the heading now displays the name of the month. (PW-12505, PW-12493)
  • Risks added to services and activities. (PW-12396)
  • Ability to select parent added to portfolios. (PW-12412)
  • Programme latest review subreport added to programme PDF reports. (PW-12497)
  • Deliverables report added. (PW-12394)
  • Initiative filter added to the Home Page Board. (PW-12393)
  • Additional filtering options added to the risk advanced table filter. (PW-12431)
  • Lifecycle notifications extended. (PW-12365)
  • Header on Timeline view of Schedule remains visible when you scroll. (PW-12271)

Bugs fixed

  • On the Groups & Teams Tab > Timesheet view, the data now displays next to the correct team consistently. (PW-12518)
  • If you edit an activity and forget to add an owner, you are able to correct this. (PW-12516)
  • Where Business Configuration breadcrumbs showed as ‘Legend’ they now show as ‘Business Configuration’. (PW-12477)
  • Actuals from deleted project tasks are now visible in project financial views and export reports. (PW-12442)