Legend 9.4 Release Notes

By Rachel | April 7, 2021

Improvements made

  • ‘Data’ view of the Financial tab renamed ‘Table’. Content and layout updated (PW-12324, PW-12283, PW-12320, PW-12432, PW-12406)
  • Separate Forecast Line added (PW-12284, PW-12282, PW-12281, PW-12280, PW-12177)
  • Budget Resourcing Account Line Form added (PW-12384)
  • Initiative duration information included on Account Line Form (PW-12409)
  • Account Lines can now be added to resource financials (PW-12327, PW-12279)
  • Financial Lines Configuration modified. Some financial Lines have been renamed. Some subtotals have been renamed or added. (PW-12379, PW-12173)
  • ‘Account Codes’ in Finance Business Configuration renamed ‘Work Order Accounts’
  • Concept financials now have their own financial line configuration. (PW-12301)
  • Account Line Import updated to reflect financial changes. (PW-12299)
  • Detailed Financial Extract report updated (PW-11607)
  • Work Items, Issues and Risk bricks added to Programme and Portfolio Storyboards (PW-12297, PW12296, PW12295, PW-12294, PW-12291)
  • Milestones, Dependencies and Tasks Tabs added to Programmes. (PW-12316)
  • Structure Brick added to Portfolio Storyboard (PW-12298)
  • Resource picker improved so that you can now select Initiative Teams as well as Groups and Structural Teams. (PW-12362)
  • Name of person whose timesheet it is added to timesheet notifications (PW-12310)
  • Feature Map replaced with a updated version (PW-12398)
  • Initiatives information on the Group General Information tab removed as this information is already shown on the Storyboard (PW-12424)
  • Performance improvements to high usage code (PW-12367)
  • Pop-ups on Storyboard bricks standardised (PW-12322)

Bugs fixed

  • When editing stages of a lifecycle, you are now able to select a different Planned Approver after a stage has been deferred, declined or sent back. (PW-12364)
  • Project ranking information now shows correctly when some of the projects have been ranked as equal. (PW-12388)
  • Work Items brick for Activities and Services - Action Items link now navigates to Schedule tab (PW-12374)
  • Work Items brick - numbers on progress bar now tally with numbers shown by each individual item. (PW-12373)
  • Financial Profile information shows again on Finance Summary Tab (PW-12356)
  • Project Rankings now respect status settings in Business Configuration consistently. (PW-12349)
  • Structure tab now expands correctly when only Groups and Teams are selected on the Primary Filter (PW-12312)
  • Storyboard Finance Brick and Chart view respect the organisation’s financial configuration. (PW-12305)
  • Work Orders show again on the Options dropdown on the Table view of the Finance Tab. (PW-12300)
  • Search now returns Strategic Drivers (PW-12430)