Financial, Resource Allocation & Storyboard Improvements (Legend 9.4)- Initial Release Information

By Rachel | January 27, 2021

This release involves improvements to our financial and resource allocation functionality and additional storyboard bricks for programmes and portfolios. We plan to release 9.4 in February / March 2021. As always, please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Financial Changes

There are two key changes to our financials:

1. Separate Forecast Lines

Financial forecasts will have its own separate line, rather than being a continuation of the Actual line as it is now.

2. Resource planned costs generated from Legend now show in the Forecast line

Resource costs which are generated from resource allocations and hourly rates in our application will show in the Forecast line rather than the Budget line. You will have the option of either showing these Forecast costs in the Budget line or adding your own resource budget data (manually or via financial import).

Resource Allocation Changes

Group resource graphs will show Supply (available hours & vacancy hours) as well as Demand (hours allocated to people & placeholders). This Supply information will be added to the Group Storyboard and also the Allocations view of the Groups & Teams Tab.

Additional Storyboard Bricks

We will be adding the Work Items, Risk and Issue bricks to programmes and portfolio storyboards.