Legend 9.3.2 Release Notes

By Rachel | December 14, 2020

This point release will be released on the evening of Thursday 17 December.

Improvements made

  • Date filter added to primary filters. (PW-12243)
  • Schedule tab format and layout changes. (PW-12254, PW-12245)
  • Added status to all initiatives listed on the Structure tab and updated format and layout. (PW-12193)
  • Added buttons to pending table on manual prioritisation screens to allow bulk movement of items. (PW-12239)
  • Help text for activities and services updated. (PW-12253, PW-12252)
  • Changes to financials now show on the initiative’s log. (PW-12071)
  • Review group added as a project role & members with this role are automatically added to status reviews as members of the review group. (PW-11375)
  • When portfolios are disabled, portfolios are no longer shown on the structure brick of the group storyboard. (PW-12210)

Bugs fixed

  • Task Pools resource allocations update consistently when ‘end with the project’ is selected. (PW-12241)
  • Benefits measure icons now display consistently on table views. (PW-12233)
  • Escalating a risk in some circumstances no longer generates an error. (PW-12226)
  • Portfolio pop-ups work consistently. (PW-12224)
  • Search function bug fixed. (PW-12074)
  • Text on storyboard finance bricks no longer overlaps. (PW-11397)