Legend 9.3 Release Notes

By Rachel | December 2, 2020

Improvements made

  • Primary filter added to storyboards and tabs (PW-12087, PW-12059, PW-12058, PW-12141, PW-12140, PW-12114, PW-12108, PW-12102, PW-12101, PW-12094, PW-12093, PW-12087)
  • Manual prioritisation with scores added (PW-12156, PW-12142, PW-12136, PW-12135, PW-12134, PW-12133, PW-12107, PW-12106)
  • A separate global security flag has been added to allow people to prioritise projects and concepts. (PW-12131)
  • Configuration of the priority dimensions is more flexible as it now allows you to disable items on the scale.(PW-12143)
  • Business cases are now called concepts. (PW-12103)
  • Groups now have tabs displaying their initiatives’ deliverables, risks, issues, change requests and decisions.
  • Portfolios now have tabs displaying their initiatives’ finances, deliverables, risks, issues, change requests and decisions.
  • Storyboard pop-ups on the strategy, benefits and risk bricks now show lists of items which don’t fulfill the brick’s criteria as well as those which do. (PW-12099)
  • Pie chart displays on group storyboard even when there isn’t any content (PW-11684)
  • You can add conversations directly from table views such as the ideas tab on the home page and the deliverables,tasks and risks tabs for initiatives and groups. (PW-12081,PW-12080, PW-12009)
  • When you create a new portfolio, you navigate to the new portfolio. (PW-12070)
  • When you create a new idea, you navigate to the new idea. (PW-11829)
  • Name and owner filter added to the home page board view (PW-11783)
  • Updated help text (PW-12166, PW-12162, PW-12157)
  • Storyboard schedule doesn’t show a grey circle if no status review (PW-12115)
  • Conversations show in pop-ups for deliverables, risks, issues, decisions, change requests. (PW-12110, PW-12081, PW-12080)
  • Benefit measures and driver KPIs to can contain clickable links (PW-12098)

Bugs fixed

  • When financials are disabled, access to tasks and some other functions no longer disappear from the shortcuts menu. (PW-11295, PW-12192)
  • Lifecycle displays consistently in business configuration. (PW-12120)
  • Engagement statistic report now longer throws error in certain circumstances. (PW-12112)
  • Driver show pop-ups now display the owner (PW12111)
  • Project import report bugs fixed. (PW12065)
  • Numbered strategic drivers appear in numeric order without having to show as 01, 02, 03 etc. (PW-11918)