Legend 9.2.1 Release Notes

By Rachel | October 6, 2020

This point release was released on the evening of Monday 5 October.

Improvements made

  • Programme Risk Heat Map now has the option to show Risks from child projects. (PW-11934)
  • Storyboards for Uncommitted or Non Aggregated Initiatives now display more information. (PW-12049, PW-12048, PW-12000, PW-11985, PW-11970, PW-11962, PW-10618)
  • Portfolio General Information Tab now shows all initiatives added to the Portfolio. (PW-11979)
  • Small User Interface (UI) improvements. (PW-11954, PW-11950, PW-11415, PW-12054, PW-12021, PW-12019, PW-12018, PW-12012, PW-12005, PW-11927))
  • ‘Status Comments’ and where relevant ‘Comments’ show on the General Information Tab for Initiatives. (PW-11944)

Bugs fixed

  • Risk Heat Map now displays for all Business Configuration Risk Heat Map options. (PW-12047)
  • ‘Save and new’ for Decisions and Add People now works consistently. (PW-12045, PW-12033)
  • Owners with Standard User global security are now able to add/edit Initiative descriptions when they have security to do so a Initiative level. (PW-12037)
  • Standard Users with ‘View Initiatives’ global security are now able to consistently view People information on Storyboards they visit. (PW-12022)
  • Meetings & Events Tab > List view: content is now viewable without having to refresh the screen. (PW-12014)
  • People Tab > Allocations view: when people are added, they now show on this view without having to refresh the page. (PW-11977)
  • Items Assigned to someone, but not Owned by them, now show on the Home Page. (PW-11845)
  • Dependencies Table view automatically refreshes when a Dependency is added. (PW-11863)