Legend 9.2 Release Notes

By Rachel | September 8, 2020

Improvements made

  • Portfolio Storyboard introduced (PW-11898, PW-11894, PW-11892, PW-11891, PW-11890, PW-11889, PW-11888, PW-11876, PW-11875, PW-11837, PW-11740, PW-11739)
  • Portfolios added to Group Structure Brick (PW-11907)
  • Information populating Storyboard bricks modified to be more consistent (PW-11738, PW-11515)
  • Project Gantt timeframe shows Financial Year rather than Calendar Year (PW-10289)
  • Time Allocation Charts recoloured to match the colours on the Time Allocation Storyboard (PW-11842)
  • Prompt added when you edit Lifecycle stages. This lets you know if you need to add a second date prior to saving. (PW-11838)
  • Border added to ‘In Progress’ Action item input box (PW-11822)
  • People pop-up showing Time Allocation charts on some pages removed (PW-11806)
  • Larger size photos are now round across the application (PW-10618)
  • Other small User Interface (UI) improvements (PW-11903, PW-11629, PW-11606, PW-11483, PW-11930, PW-11926, PW-11834, PW-11831, PW-11826, PW-11499)

Bugs fixed

  • Programme Finance Tab: Summary and Chart views now include committed child initiative financials (PW-11730)
  • Removed white line which shows when you Zoom the My Work Items Storyboard Brick horizontal bar (PW-11935)
  • Added People photos or Initials to Dropdown Lists and Pop-ups where empty grey circles were previously showing. (PW-11924)
  • Email notifications for Programme Deliverables and other Work Items now show the Programme name (PW-11921)
  • Driver measures in Strategy Pop-Up now wrap properly. (PW-11911)
  • Editing a Blog which contains a deleted item no longer generates an error. (PW-11882)
  • When you attempt to delete a Resource linked to a Blog or Conversation, a pop-up message will let you know why you cannot delete the Resource and suggest you add an end date instead. (PW-11881)
  • When you edit an Objective on the Storyboard, the General Information Tab is updated without having to manually refresh it. (PW-11874)
  • Task Pools Details Page: On hover Message on Time Allocation charts changed to ‘Zero Effort Allocation’. Previous message was ‘Not Allocated’. (PW-11873)
  • Business Configuration: Able to edit default ‘Programme’ milestone type. (PW-11673)