i-lign 9.1.15 Release Notes

By Rachel | August 17, 2020

This point release will be released on the evening of Monday 17 August.


  • Updated Business Configuration Help links for Import / Exports (PW-11816)

Bugs fixed

  • Navigating to Drivers no longer generates a system error under certain conditions (PW-11807)
  • Now able to edit the % complete on Edge browser (PW-11835)
  • Navigation to Groups, Strategy and Ideas from Porfolios works consistently (PW-11815)
  • Project and Programme Managers with limited security are able to edit/delete Stakeholders on their initiative (PW-11802)
  • Users with limited security but with ability to view Groups can now view Groups from Projects (PW-11801)
  • Breadcrumb on Milestone Details page now navigates to the Milestones Tab (PW-11795)
  • When adding people to a Conversation, the Pop-up is now fully opaque (PW-11767)