Portfolio Storyboard Release (Legend 9.2)- Initial Information

By Rachel | August 4, 2020

As with most organisations, Covid-19 has impacted our plans for the year. Four days after releasing i-lign 9.1 (the Initiative and Group Storyboards), like most of you we were working from home under Level 4 Lockdown. During this period of remote working we decided to focus on releasing small improvements through a series of point releases, rather than increasing our Storyboard functionality, as we’d originally intended. We also rebranded the application from i-lign to Legend during the Lockdown.

Now back in the office, we’ve had a chance to refocus on our Storyboard improvements. We plan to release a Portfolio Storyboard in Legend 9.2. Our tentative release date for this is Sunday 13 September.

As always, please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Portfolio Storyboard

The screenshot below shows the design for our Portfolio Storyboard.

Improvements released since 9.1 release

As mentioned above, since 9.1 we’ve released a series of small improvements via point releases. Many of these improvements have been in response to suggestions from our customers. Examples of improvements we’ve made include the following:

  • You can now duplicate Deliverables, Tasks, Risks, Issues, Decisions and Change Requests and then save them to another Project / Programme.
  • Action Items are now visible on the Board view of the Tasks Tab and can be edited from the ellipsis menu.
  • Action Items are no longer automatically completed when the Task they belong to is completed.
  • A Status column has been added to the Table view of the Deliverables Tab
  • Project Ranks have been added to Schedule information eg on the Storyboard and Schedule Tab
  • You can now add Coordinating Team members to Benefits
  • Documents can now be added to Ideas
  • Actual Approver information has been added to Project Lifecycle information on the Governance Overview Tab and Project Stage List.
  • You can now filter by Initiative Status on the Structure Tab.

Plans for 9.3 release

We plan to introduce filters to the Storyboards and lefthand Tabs in Legend 9.3. This will give you more transparency and flexibility over which Initiatives are included in the data displayed on your Storyboards and lefthand Tabs. If you are interested in hearing more about this, then please get in touch and I’ll set up a session to show you the prototypes.