i-lign 9.1.14 Release Notes

By Rachel | July 20, 2020

This point release will be released on the evening of Sunday 2 August.


  • Added Project Rank to Schedule. (PW-11775)
  • Updated Resources Business Configuration Help Text. (PW-11752)
  • Added Action Item ‘In Progress’ controls to Task edit screens. (PW-11746)
  • Added ability to edit Action Point from Project Board view without having to edit the Task. (PW-11643)
  • Improved performance of Manage Timesheets Page. (PW-11664)
  • Added email address column to Timesheet Extract Reports. (PW-11663)
  • A person’s Structural Team Date is extended if their End Date is extended. (PW-11662)
  • Created a new ‘Timesheet - UBW’ Export. (PW-11617)
  • When Project Prioritisation is manual, Project Prioritisation Tab is hidden. When Project Prioritisation is system generated, the Prioritisation Tab can be viewed and for users with sufficient global security the Prioritisation can also be edited. (PW-11770)
  • People showing on the ‘All time by Week’ and ‘All time by Month’ reports on the Project Finance Tab has been refined so that People not assigned to the Task during the period of time covered by the report do not show. (PW-11734)
  • Update Business Case Manual Prioritisation functionality (PW-11782)

Bugs fixed

  • Manual Project Prioritisation works consistently without having to manually refresh the screen. (PW-11780)
  • Project Managers with Standard User security are now able to create Account Lines for their Projects. (PW-11769)
  • Removed option to change Timesheet Start Day and Monthy Split once approved timesheet data has been added. (PW-11643)
  • Removed reference on New Resource form to ‘Skills & Qualifications Renewel’ (PW-11765)
  • ‘At Risk’ Milestones now show correctly on the Home Page Card (PW-11764)
  • Creating an Event on a Programme now links to the Programme. (PW-11762)
  • Change Requests and Decisions can now be added to a Programme (PW-11761)
  • Removed ‘Copy’ from the Risk context menu. (PW-11760)
  • Now able to edit Project Description from General Information Tab (PW-11742)
  • Duplicating a Task no longer leaves the Gantt view hanging. (PW-11741)
  • Action Items preserve their status when the Task is edited. (PW-11737)
  • Clicking the current location on the Shortcuts dropdown doesn’t navigate people away from their current location. (PW-11704)
  • Blog bug fixed (PW-11758, PW-11687, PW-11525)