i-lign 9.1.12 Release Notes

By Rachel | July 3, 2020

This point release will be released on the evening of Sunday 5 July.


  • Template Projects with Draft status can be selected as a Template. (PW-11707, PW-11719)
  • Business Configuration Help links updated & Group Help link added (PW-11716)
  • Secondary items on Programmes now have numbers (PW-11714, PW-11156))
  • Event logged when you delete a Resource cost on a Project. (PW-11692)
  • Added ability to duplicate Issues, Decisions, Change Requests & Benefits to another Project / Programme. (PW-11669)

Bugs fixed

  • Replaced Help link for Change Requests on Change Requests Tab with the correct link. (PW-11717)
  • Added missing Help text on Strategy & Business Case Tabs (PW-11715)
  • Financial imports in Business Configuration are now visible when Timesheets are disabled. (PW-11710)
  • Scheduling a Benefit Review from the Benefits details page now works. (PW-11708)
  • Meetings & Events now appear on the Calendar view. (PW-11705)
  • Structure tree filters now responding consistently. (PW-11703)
  • Now able to save a Purpose added from the Group Storyboard (PW-11700)
  • Status Reviews are able to be deleted. (Applies to Legend instances set-up recently). (PW-11699)
  • Programme Table sort bug fixed. (PW-11698)
  • Time Allocation Help Text on Group Storyboards corrected. (PW-11697)
  • Parent Dropdown list is loading properly (PW-11695)
  • Changes made to the Structure Tab now refresh automatically (PW-11693)
  • ‘Show More’ function on Home Page Board View now works correctly. (PW-11674)
  • Bugs on Account Lines Import Fixed. (PW-11383)