i-lign 9.1.11 Release Notes

By Rachel | June 20, 2020

This point release will be released on the evening of Sunday 21 June.


  • Added ability to duplicate Deliverables, Risks & Tasks and copy them to another Project / Programme. (PW-11645, PW-11551)
  • Actual Approver information added to Lifecycle information on Governance Overview Tab and Project Stage List. (PW-11604)
  • Renamed ‘XPD’ on Task Tab table and Task details page to ‘Dependency’. (PW-11655)
  • Added text prompts to Tasks which have dates outside the current Project duration. (PW-11668)
  • Improved Parent Initiative selection options. (PW-11571).
  • In Business Configuration, added ‘closed date’ option to Inactive Statuses for Activities & Services. (PW-11670)
  • Completed box removed from Activity edit screen. When an actual end date is added, the application requires an appropriate status to be selected. Completed column on Activity list replaced with Status column. (PW-11329)
  • Event logged when you delete a Resource cost on the Resources Page. (PW-11269)

Bugs fixed

  • After adding or editing a milestone you now remain on the Gantt view. (PW-11641)
  • After editing certain forms eg initiative edit form, you now return to the correct Tab. (PW-11691, PW-11685)
  • Now able to add Skills & Qualifications on the Personal Storyboard. (Applies to Legend instances set-up recently.) (PW-11686)
  • Thumbnail pictures next to Initaitives on the Strategic Driver detail pages now show. (PW-11681)
  • Benefits from Child Initiatives now show consistently on the Parent Initiatives. (PW-11680)
  • Layout on Edit Benefits and Edit Driver forms fixed. (PW-11678)
  • Custom fields on Groups no longer show if there is no content. (PW-11677)
  • Can now view full width of Timesheet pop-up on Manage Timesheets. (PW-11661)
  • Sticky note now refreshes automatically after editing. (PW-11658)
  • Breadcrumbs on List pages such as Programmes, Activities, Portfolios now link to Home. (PW-11613)
  • On the search page, Parent Groups, Projects or Programmes no longer repeat their title. (PW-11605)