i-lign 9.1.9 Release Notes

By Rachel | May 29, 2020

This point release will be released on the evening of Sunday 31 May.


  • Add ability to attach a Document to an Idea (PW-11386)
  • Improve Idea page loading time (PW-10646)
  • Add ability to associate Public ideas with other items (PW-11001)
  • Improve Structure Tab filters, so can filter by Initiative Status (PW-11514)
  • Blog layout & performance improvements (PW-11620, PW-11615,PW-11585, PW-11440,PW-11436, PW-11359,)
  • Tasks don’t show overdue label until the End Date has passed (PW-11597)
  • Rename Deliverables Table Header from ‘Contributing Activities’ to ‘Contributing Tasks’. (PW-11579)
  • Small adjustments to All Time by Week and Month reports (PW-11574)
  • Rename ‘Created from XPD’ automatic Issue category (PW-11553)
  • Include Comment in Rejected Timesheet notifications (PW-11518)
  • Add ability to escalate Risks using the List and Details page context menus (PW-11381)
  • Add ability to add Coordinating Team members to Benefits (PW-11372)
  • Add Review Date to Benefit create / modify form (PW-11369)
  • Add Activity and Service notifications (PW-11360)
  • Add Lifecycle Stage change notifications (PW-11290)
  • Add comments to Lifecycle Stage change notifications (PW-11187)
  • When someone chooses a Lifecycle for a Project, they now navigate to the Edit Lifecycle Stages page (PW-11580)
  • Add ability to carry out approval actions for Lifecycle Stages form Home page list view (PW-10579)
  • Show the Initiative type (eg Project, Business Case etc) when ‘Launched By’ information is shown (PW-10952)
  • Status Review circles on Project and Programme Storyboards are displayed more evenly (PW-11473)

Bugs fixed

  • Now able to Delete an empty Group which has been linked to Ideas (PW-11570)
  • In Business Configuration now able to save changes to Inactive Initiative Status when Initiative doesn’t have a Close Date (PW-11614)
  • Breadcrumbs and Titles for Initiative Types are now consistent. (PW-11612)
  • Draft Ideas, Blogs and Conversations are now excluded from search (PW-11603)
  • Links fixed for Groups in top level search and Project Stages in advanced project search (PW-11599, PW-11598)
  • Document link works more effectively (PW-11577)
  • ‘Waiting for Assessment’ text for Closed Escalated Risks on Parent Risk Table no longer shows (PW-11493)
  • Reset filter on Resource Search now works consistently (PW-10943)
  • Fix bug related to Fixed Duration Task & Effort Tasks (PW-11638)