i-lign 9.1.8 Release Notes

By Rachel | May 8, 2020

This point release will be released on the evening of Sunday 10 May.


  • Action Items added to Project Task Boards (PW-11550)
  • Improvements in the format of Weekly and Monthly All Time Reports on the Project Finance Tab (PW-11559)
  • Benefits Summary Tab only shows closed Initiatives if they have open Benefits. (PW-11376)
  • The Locked Date on the Manage Timesheets csv now contains dates for timesheet rows exported prior to this column being added to the csv. (PW-11547)

Bugs fixed

  • Business Configuration Initiative Statuses bug fixed (PW-11562)
  • Missing Project Time Confirmation box added back (PW-11561)
  • Task bug present in a limited number of situations fixed (PW-11564)
  • New Resource Form bug which fills current user’s name & password in Chrome fixed (PW-11549)
  • Project information for Pending and Not Ranked Projects now shows accurately on the Governance and Schedule tabs. (PW-11348)
  • Timesheet extract report no longer throws an error when Timesheets have been exported by Document number. (PW-11567)