i-lign 9.1.5 Release Notes

By Rachel | April 23, 2020

This point release will be released on the evening of Sunday 26 April.


  • Application rebranded from i-lign to Legend (PW-11484, PW-11535, PW-11536)
  • Improved application performance in relation to loading Initiative Resources. (PW-11534)
  • Home Page help text updated (PW-11509)
  • Status Column added to Deliverables Table. (PW-11508)
  • Manage Timesheets Table now shows whether a Timesheet has been locked or not. (PW-11505)
  • Additonal information added to the All Time by Week report added to Summary View of Finance Tab for projects. (PW-11361)
  • All Time by Month report added to Summary View of Finance Tab for projects. (PW-11498)
  • Roles column on Resource List can now be sorted (PW-11520)
  • New Resource form presented when select Save and New button is the same as the standard New Resource form (PW-11537)
  • Improved default organisation name, acronym and logo (PW-11484)
  • Business Landscape view now shows only initiaves which are visible by default. (PW-11449)

Bugs fixed

  • When adding New Resources, unrelated Positions are no longer added. (PW-11528)
  • Projects can now be closed using the Close Project option on the Shortcuts dropdown box. (PW-11521)
  • Planned Resource Cost bugs fixed. (PW-11517, PW-11507)
  • Storyboard Time Allocation brick bug fixed (PW-11448)
  • Group Storbyoad Strategy brick no longer shows closed Strategic Drivers (PW-11532)