i-lign 9.1.4 Release Notes

By Rachel | April 14, 2020

This point release was released on the evening of Sunday 12 April.


  • Improvements on the way the New label works on items displayed in the Notifications dropdown. The first time you select the Notifications dropdown, the New label is orange. If you go back into the Notifications Dropdown, the New label shows as gray, until you select that particular item, after which the New label disappears. As well more personalised information is displayed in relation to Conversations and Blogs. (PW-11503)
  • Wording on the My Details brick of the Personal Storyboard made more specific for People who are Partners or Stakeholders, rather than members of the Organisation. (PW-11460)

Bugs fixed

  • Manual prioritisation bug which starts Ranking on the Project list from 2 rather than 1 is fixed. (PW-11384)
  • Positions now added when a new Resource is created (PW-11487)
  • Financial refresh bug fixed (PW-11488)
  • System error on editing a resource cost fixed(PW-11497)
  • The Schedule for Inactive Initiatives now displays on the Storyboard (PW-11485)
  • Initiatives with no Financials - Finance Tab Sumary bug fixed (PW-11482)
  • Placeholder Resources no longer show in Governace Group totals on the People Storyboard Brick for an Initiative (PW-11457)