i-lign 9.1.1 Release Notes

By Rachel | March 27, 2020

This point release will be released on the evening of Sunday 29 March.

Bugs fixed

  • Time Allocation Bricks on Storyboards now show correct hours (PW-11448)
  • Internal and External totals on People Brick on Storyboards show accurately (PW-11435)
  • Work Items brick on Project, Activity, Service and Home Storyboards now show Change Request icon. Display of items has been improved. (PW-11450)
  • A person can now be added to a Partner Group from their Resource Page (PW-11455)
  • Help tutorial links now open in a separate tab and links text is the correct shade of blue. (PW- 11445, PW-11434)
  • Issue Tab help content has now been updated (PW-11444)
  • Group Storyboard Structure title now lands on correct page (PW-11438)
  • The Project name now shows in ‘Approved Time by Task’ view on the Finances Tab > Summary View
  • Home Page tutorial links now navigate to updated 9.1 Tutorials (PW-11420)