i-lign 9.1 Release Notes

By Rachel | March 20, 2020

Improvements made

  • Storyboards added to Projects, Activities, Services and Groups.
  • Lefthand Vertical Navigation implemented for Groups, Initiatives and Portfolios (PW-11373)
  • Help Text on Side Panel for Groups, Initiatives and Portfolios updated (PW-11417)
  • Links in Help Text on Home Page Side Panel updated (PW-11420)
  • Programmes now have Status and Type (PW-11293)
  • Added ability to show equal rankings for manual Project and Business Case prioritisation. (PW-11352)
  • Added ability to add a url link to Benefit value definitions in Business Configuration. (PW-11368)
  • Renamed ‘Project Summary’ in New Project Form to ‘Description’ (PW-11134)
  • Custom Fields can still be archived, but can no longer be deleted to protect existing data. (PW-11385)
  • Items on the Gantt chart can be navigated to when you hover over an item. (PW-11285)

Bugs fixed

  • Manual Prioritisation bug fixed (PW-11384)
  • ‘New’ label bug on Home Page List and Board fixed. (PW-11291)
  • Timesheet is now not displayed for non timesheet users (PW-11272)
  • Data view bug on People Tab fixed (PW-11141)
  • Group display bug on Home Page fixed (PW-11123)