i-lign 9.0.7 Release Notes

By Rachel | November 22, 2019

This will be released on Monday evening, 25 November.


  • Added ‘My Feed’ to ‘My Community’ and set as default view. ‘My Feed’ includes conversations specifically shared with you, along with public conversations, broadcasts,blogs and your drafts. (PW-11301)
  • Meeting Actions now show on the Personal Storyboard (‘Action Required’ and ‘New’ bricks) and also on under ‘Action Required’ on the My Work List view. (PW-11301)
  • Idea notifications improvements (PW-10837)

Bugs fixed

  • Project PDF Reports: Missing data on Project Tasks Table added (PW-11308)
  • When you access a Programme list from the Programme Summary Tab (Delivery View), all items now expand. (PW-11296)
  • Issue email notifications now include the initiative name. (PW-11318)
  • Import Project template function no longer generates an error message (PW-11317)