i-lign 9.0.5 Release Notes

By Rachel | October 25, 2019

This will be released on Sunday evening, 27 October.


  • You can now add ‘Initiative’ to the Risk table on the Registers tab via the ‘Options’ dropdown. (PW-11260)
  • Resource Pools, Stakeholder Groups and Partner Organisations are distinguished from Structural Teams on the Home Page List view. (PW-11275)
  • Azure authentication changed to accommodate customers with separate email addresses and azure ids.(PW-11267)
  • Azure IDs can be added to Resources and edited. (PW-11271)
  • Net Present Value formula used in Business Cases is now aligned to the standard formula used for example by Excel and Google Sheets (PW-11279)
  • When you approve a Timesheet on the Personal Storyboard, using the ‘Show’ button, the Timesheet being viewed is refreshed to show the new status. (PW-11232)
  • Timesheet export page information has been updated to make it clear the impact on timesheets of exporting them. Timesheets now show the text ‘Locked’ next to their Status, if they have been exported using document numbers. (PW-11278)
  • ‘Resources’ have been renamed ‘People’ in the Delivery view of Initiatives. The ‘People’ link now navigates to the People view on the Summary tab.(PW-1142)
  • When a Group is deleted, the options and warnings for items within that Group have been improved. (PW-11276)

Bugs fixed

  • Trending Tags and Authors Lists in ‘My Community’ now appear in order of popularity (PW-11245)
  • Timesheet CSV is no longer available for Timesheets which haven’t been created. (PW-11280)
  • Activity Action Items now show on the List View of the Home Page (PW-11273)
  • PDF generators in i-lign are now more stable. (PW-11261)