i-lign 9.0.4 Release Notes

By Rachel | October 4, 2019

This will be released on Sunday evening, 6 October.


  • Programme risks can now be imported. (PW-11242)
  • Risk Imports now include ‘Class’ (Programme / Project). (PW-11230)
  • Programme risks now have numbers. (PW-11155)
  • Help Links updated. (PW-11238)

Bugs fixed

  • Programme Benefits now show on the Home Page under Programmes. (PW-11256)
  • Benefits on the Personal Storyboard ‘New Items’ brick are no longer doubling up. (PW-11251)
  • Newly created Tasks no longer incorrectly show on Board views as ‘Overdue’. (PW-11250)
  • An Error is no longer created when using Bookmarking in particular situations. (PW-11249)
  • Blogs linked to items now show at the top of the relevant item’s Community Side Bar, when the item has just been added. (PW-11246)
  • Conversations can be made Public again. (PW-11244)