i-lign 9.0 Release Notes

By Rachel | September 18, 2019

Improvements made

  • Personal Storyboard introduced (PW-11146, PW-11048)
  • Resource Pop-Up introduced (PW-11070, PW-11048)
  • Lefthand Navigation Bar introduced to Home Page (PW-11148)
  • Home: My Work Views improved (PW-11147, PW-11125, PW-11112)
  • My Community tab updated (PW-11117, PW-11098, PW-11097)
  • Blog functionality introduced (PW-11099, PW-11097, PW-11071)
  • Timesheet tab updated
  • Ideas tab updated
  • Competencies renamed to Skills & Training and updated (PW-11152, PW-11135, PW-6500, PW-6815, PW-11093, PW-10942)
  • Deletion warning for Tasks updated, when timesheet hours have been added (PW-11144)
  • Resource extract report includes resource realm information (PW-11106)
  • Default Lifecycle Stage Approver changed to Project Owner (PW-11107)
  • Project Lifecycle Stage Approvals: Add Assessor Comments to Email Notifications, Project Log (PW-11132)
  • End Dated Lifecycles show in Business Configuration (PW-11138, PW-11105)
  • Add Project Number to Notifications when a Project is created (PW-11127)

Bugs fixed

  • Timesheet Extract Report display fixed (PW-11089)
  • Idea Activity Report (Reports > Engagement Statistics > Idea Activity) includes ideas from end dated Teams / Resources (PW-10840, PW-10839)
  • Converting an Activity to Project on the bookmark page no longer creates an error (PW-11182)
  • Display error on Finance tab ‘Approved time by task’ view fixed (PW-11140)