i-lign 8.8 Release Notes

By Rachel | July 17, 2019

Improvements made

  • Risk Treatment Tasks (PW-11042, PW-10724)
  • Risk Import improvements (PW-11090,PW-11045, PW-11043, PW-11018, PW-11041)
  • Risk Export improvements ( PW-11058, PW-11057, PW-10636)
  • Risks show Escalation history (PW-11035)
  • Risks can be escalated from Child to Parent Projects (PW-11064)
  • Risks and Issues show as overdue if their Review Date or Resolve Date is in the past (PW-11059)
  • Programme Governance tab shows Register items including Risk Heat Map and Governance Group (PW-10665)
  • Addition / Update of Risk related Help text & tutorials (PW-11082)
  • New filter option added to Manage Timesheet page: Not Created (PW-11079)
  • Resource Pools & Initiatve Type added to Timesheet extended via filter extract report (PW 11078)
  • Business Case reports are faster and can report at Programme level as well as the entire Organisation. (PW-11024, PW-11049)
  • Generation of reports is faster (PW-11021)
  • Default Milestone (Programme) is now editable (PW-10137)
  • Issue categories renamed as follows: Risk to Created from Risk, Project Schedule to Created from XPD (PW-10137)
  • UNC links (links to a file on a shared network drive) are recognised as valid links (PW-11054)
  • Primary key added to review field description table (PW-11060)
  • Duplicate Tasks open automatically on the edit screen (PW-10676)

Bugs fixed

  • Programme Projects Visuals now showing the correct RAG statuses (PW-11089)
  • Table Headers no longer show overlapping text (PW-11087)
  • Resource allocation hours - detail breakdown by project timeframe limited to 6 months so that all data is visible (PW-11074, PW-11039)
  • When edit configuration of Status Review, able to change Positive Icon to Negative successfully (PW-11062)
  • Programme Latest Status Reviews report no longer generates a system error if no programmes exist (PW-11044)
  • Changing conversation from draft to shared status no longer omits newly added people (PW-11038, PW-11031)
  • Organisation security roles in filter dropdown list now show Business Case instead of Concept (PW-10916)
  • Service and Activity totals on Storyboard Strategy brick are now accurate (PW-10332)