i-lign 8.7.2 Release Notes

By Rachel | June 4, 2019

This point release was released on Monday 3 June.

Bugs fixed

  • Concepts replaced with Business Case on Prioritise Business Cases heading. (PW-11009)
  • Benefit measure graph headings aligned with financial year. (PW-10991)
  • Resource cost for Activities and Services are updated when resource cost is updated. (PW-10989, PW-10990)
  • Time management reports record billable costs accurately. (PW-10999)
  • Timesheet detail by resource group by initiative report system error fixed. (PW-10998)
  • Account Lines save & new system error fixed. (PW-10997)
  • Date display bug in conversations and notifications fixed. (PW-10996)
  • Font size of Measure and KPI names reduced. (PW-10995)
  • Review icons with unfavourable RAG statuses show ! instead of ✓. (PW-10994)
  • Final review checklist headings no longer show (to prevent them being selected). (PW-10968)
  • Headings in drop down boxes are no longer selectable. (PW-10940)
  • Bug fixed in resource hours calculation on finance data tab. (PW-11010)
  • Close initiative pop-up works better in relation to close date and percentage complete. (PW-11000)