i-lign 8.7.1 Release Notes

By Rachel | May 27, 2019

This point release was released on Sunday 26 May.

Improvements made

  • Performance improvements for Manage Timesheets, Organisation Overview tab and Notifications. (PW-10984)
  • Duplicate Tasks, Drivers and Portfolios retain the old name with (copy) at the end. (PW-10987)
  • Enhanced Search page eg page shows up to 1,000 results now, the search prioritises accuracy, accepts typos and parts of words. (PW-10985)
  • Tutorial link for Status Reviews updated in Help side panel. (PW-10976)
  • Risk Import Help links added. (PW-10919)
  • Help text for Importing Account Lines updated. (PW-10980)
  • View of Governance tab Table when more than 6 review fields improved. (PW-10973)
  • Risk imports able to ignore empty lines. (PW-10919)
  • Log records that a Status Review has been deleted. (PW-10635)
  • Reference to Project removed from title of Timesheet Detail by Resource Group by Initiative report. (PW-10981)

Bugs fixed

  • Incorrect task numbers showing on All Tasking Items Table view. (PW-10988)
  • Selecting items by initiative number not working consistently. (PW-10979)
  • Overall health pie graph on Storyboard needs fixing for situations when a review level has no reviews. (PW-10975)
  • Meetings on the same day don’t display in time order, when sort by date. (PW-9343)