i-lign 8.6.2 Release Notes

By Rachel | February 24, 2019

Improvements made

  • Custom fields added to risk import (PW-10789)
  • Drop-down tag list on Conversations tab displayed in alpabetical order (PW-10767)

Bugs fixed

  • Hashtags show unexpectedly on unsubscribe links (PW-10807)
  • View conversation links not working consistently (PW-10804, (PW-10785)
  • Risk level is not showing in risk event log after importing a csv file (PW-10803)
  • Risk status not imported via project risk import (PW-10802)
  • Unsubscribe link in email notificiations not working consistently (PW-10800)
  • Daily digest email notifications not coming in order (PW-10798)
  • Idea notifications title broken and link not working (PW-10795)
  • Recent subscriptions disappear from screen when you like / unlike them (PW-10765)
  • Hastags in edit mode not working consistently (PW-10763)
  • System allows invalid start and end dates to be added to benefits (PW-10712)
  • Document library font error (PW-10680)
  • Save button not completely visible on timesheet (PW:10645)