i-lign 8.6 Release Notes

By Rachel | February 11, 2019

Improvements made

  • Conversations improved and ability to hashtag added (PW-10606)
  • Notifications and email notifications improved (PW-10606)
  • Side panel add to Home Page (PW-10577)
  • Home page help text added to the new Side Panel (PW-10734)
  • Links can be added to Task text fields (including Action Items) (PW-10196)
  • Delivery help text updated on the Governance tab (PW-10731)
  • Value help text updated on all tabs (PW-10775)
  • Concepts renamed to Business Cases (PW-10735)
  • Ability to import Risks from a spreadsheet added (PW-10715)
  • Board heading removed from My Work tab on the Home page (PW-10775)
  • Width of timesheet pop-up increased (PW-10720)

Bugs fixed

  • Potential to overwrite Activity, Service, Idea or Team if editing the same item in two tabs at the same time (PW-10725)
  • Overall Health review commentary text is green instead of black (PW-10650)
  • Risk report pop-up showing system error (PW-10626)
  • Risk report pop-up missing risk level information (PW-10624)