i-lign 8.6 release information

By Rachel | January 24, 2019

As you’ll be aware from my initial blog, the next release focuses on improving our support for organisation wide collaboration. i-lign 8.6 updates our conversation feature significantly and adds the ability to hashtag conversations. This work is intended to help people network across your organisation by engaging in conversations in i-lign and using hashtags to make connections.

Our release date is scheduled for Sunday 17 February. This date is subject to successful completion of development work and testing. As always, please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.


Conversations on your Home page

The Conversations tab on the Home page is the main place to carry out networking activities. It has much more of a social media feel than our current tab. As well as being able to read conversations, people can create or subscribe to hashtags and search for conversations which might interest them. They can also start new conversations from the speech bubble icon on the top level tool bar.

Below is a preview of the Conversations tab, to give you an idea of how things look. Note there are still some refinements to be made, so the final version is likely to look a bit different from the screenshots in this blog.

Side Panel Conversations

The Conversation Side Panels also have a makeover. In 8.6 it’s easier to add new conversations and read / reply to existing ones.

Notifications and Notification Emails

Notifications and Emails get an upgrade too. The images below shows how Notifications and Notification Emails look in 8.6.


We’re aiming to have previews of 8.6 available from Monday 4 February. Please contact me if you’d like us to set up a preview of your organisation’s i-lign instance.