i-lign 8.5 Release Notes

By Rachel | September 10, 2018

Improvements made

  • Groups now have Drivers and a Purpose (See 8.5 release announcement)
  • Timesheet row icons have tooltips (PW-10600)
  • Add items timesheet label changed from Business to Services (PW-10597)
  • Services page loads more quickly (PW-10570)
  • Creating a Programme, Activity or Service redirects you to the newly created item (PW-10574)
  • New Team extract report called Teams - Key Information (PW-10503)
  • Changes to reviews show in the initiative level log (PW-10599)
  • All of Business Storyboard - Strategy label renamed to Driver (PW-10595)
  • Default review labels for Reviews also show green status, when ‘exceptional (Blue’) is enabled (PW-10498)
  • Delete resource, pop-up box now lists items linked to the resource. (PW-10564)
  • Help text in Strategy side panel updated (PW-10611)
  • Group link in Help text for Structure tab updated (PW-10619)

Bugs fixed

  • Initiative Progress Review Change log has wrong description (PW-10598)
  • Engagement Statistic report infromation pop-ups don’t work (PW-10602)
  • Notifications and Email links to Review and Task conversations broken (PW-10621)
  • Finance data tab display duplication bug (PW-10627)
  • Finance data tab links broken (PW-10628)