i-lign 8.4 initial information

By Rachel | March 9, 2018

You’ll have seen that Benefits information is a key part of the All of Business Storyboard released in 8.3. Over the past few years Benefits Management has become more and more important for organisations. Our focus for i-lign 8.4 is updating our Benefits feature to support this trend. We’ll also update the look and feel of i-lign in this release.

This post contains initial information on our plans for 8.4. We’ll follow up with more specific release information once we have more detail to share with you. In the meantime please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Benefits management

Organisations vary considerably in the way they manage benefits. Our aim is to allow you to manage benefits with a light touch, while still providing sufficient functionality should you prefer a more detailed approach. Below are some prototypes of how the benefits feature may look - naturally there will be changes in design as we get into the development work.

Table of a project’s benefits
Details of an individual benefit

New look for i-lign

Another key part of 8.4 is changing the look of i-lign to give it a more contemporary feel. See below for a couple of examples of this.

Agile friendly projects

Our customers are increasingly using Agile methodology to run their projects. At i-lign we use Agile methodology to manage our software releases, which we manage in i-lign. There are some improvements we intend to make in this release so it’s even easier to run projects agile style.

Home page board view

We also intend to make it easier to organise information on the Board view of your Home Page as part of i-lign 8.4.

Tentative release date for hosted customers

Our tentative release date for 8.4 is Sunday 10 June. As always, this timetable is subject to successful completion of development work and testing.