i-lign 8.3.1 Release Notes

By Sean | February 6, 2018

Bugs fixed

  • [PW-10320] - Storyboard: Strategy brick - include child initiatives in counts
  • [PW-10323] - Loading message doesn’t consistently show on All of Business screen
  • [PW-10325] - All Of Business : fix Resourcing chart labels to have correct singular/plural endings
  • [PW-10326] - Projects ended/due to end is not showing right numbers for current quarter
  • [PW-10329] - When add resource allocation to a task / task pool or add Action Item, but nothing else, sometimes won’t save.
  • [PW-10330] - Project: Wrong date displayed for the close status
  • [PW-10339] - Security: All of Business and Business Landscape links work with no Financial Feature available

Improvements made

  • [PW-10319] - Unification of types: Duplicates
  • [PW-10324] - Placeholder Resource Type can own items
  • [PW-10328] - Resource cost import: Make both cost and billable fields mandatory